The Appointment is Booked!

The Appointment is Booked!

A New Year!

It’s time to say “goodbye” to last year once and for all, to the memories, the past and make way for the present moment and get into the heart of the matter.

This moment of salvation gives us the feeling of being regenerated, like we’re undergoing a renewal, feeling re-energized, with the idea that we are getting a new chance at life. So we take advantage of it to start anew.

So we write down our dreams, our desires, and our hopes for the year to come on paper!

The first week of January is the most active for citizens of the world who are trying to keep their promises, but it doesn’t take much for this sacred path to become but a mere memory and for everything to be put away in a drawer and labeled under “Procrastination and Disappointment”, “I can’t do it”, “A little later”, “Maybe tomorrow”…

So this year why not try to do things differently?

First of all, why wouldn’t we trade in our personal resolutions for thanks and appointments with ourselves?

Why wouldn’t we simply start living in gratitude, being more present, more connected, respecting others more and all the living things around us, to be comfortable with our bodies, feeding ourselves with more ethics and consideration and especially, re-learning how to listen to our inner voice and be one with ourselves?

We shouldn’t necessarily let ourselves be governed by traditions if they don’t resonate with us!

Isn’t it lying to hope for health when our lifestyle isn’t respected or to hope for tranquility when we are responsible for acts that don’t reflect us, that stress us out and don’t make us happy?

We must absolutely ground ourselves anew to feel anchored to the earth and in harmony with this whole!

This grounding always brings us back to the present moment and to gratitude!

We must never forget that it’s not the goal we are aiming for, but the path that leads to it. Or else, we could run after unachieved dreams for a long time, as well as desires that are constantly growing…

Let’s re-harmonize ourselves to become free spirits, personalities, humans who are awake and have something to say, authentic people; let’s be the true stockholders of our lives!

It’s actually easy; it’s simply a question of making a decision! It’s a little bit like in the movie The Matrix: you just need to choose your path, red or green! Make the right decision.

A lifestyle that is harmonious with who we really are and what is best for us will naturally bring on a more positive and constructive sequence of events in our lives and all of that, with immense happiness.

So let’s breathe and center ourselves!

Secondly, I’d also like to suggest a trip to gift heaven!

Let me explain myself: I’m sure you wish to be more creative, more manual, more considerate, more engaged and more willful, so I dare you to create “Greeting cards”, a type of resolution for others or a reminder to live in the present moment.

Have fun writing little cards decorated a string and a bow for example, which you could leave anywhere for anyone with the intention you want, whenever you want!

When the occasion presents itself, all you need to do is take out your collection of cards and give the appropriate card with the right message to the right person! You’ll then work on your instinct to be able to tell what people need in order to bring them comfort or help them find the right path again.

Personally, I prefer to do it discreetly when the person doesn’t know whom the message is from, it’s even more constructive as a sign from heaven! But you can also show yourself if you prefer.

So go back to being an innocent child who shares without expecting anything in return… That’s also what it means to live in the present moment!

Have fun and spread love and life…

I wish you a wonderful new year filled with beautiful appointments with yourself and your loved ones…


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