An Extra Health Benefit: Chlorophyll

An Extra Health Benefit: Chlorophyll

Everyone has heard of this green substance called chlorophyll, but how much do we truly know about it?

First and foremost, this substance is responsible for the green pigment of plants. Secondly and most importantly, it catalyzes the chemical process called photosynthesis, by which organisms synthesize sunlight into energy.

It is often referred to as the “green blood of plants”.

Indeed, the only difference between the molecular structure of chlorophyll and our red blood cells is the center atom. Our blood cell’s center consists of iron (Fe) whereas chlorophyll’s is magnesium (Mg).

Chlorophyll has many health benefits and therapeutic qualities.

Among others, it is rich in:

* calcium

* iron

* zinc

* chrome

* phosphor

* potassium

* magnesium

* selenium

* protein

and in many vitamins:

* pantothenic and folic acid (vitamin B complex)

* tocopherol (vitamin E)

* vitamin K

* retinol (vitamin A)

* biotin (vitamin H)

* ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Chlorophyll is known to improve well-being. A regular consumption of it will increase its benefits, especially for those living in temperate climates.

Benefits of chlorophyll:

* alkalizes our blood (fights acidity)

* reverses anemia

* stimulates the immune system

* has powerful anti-oxidants properties

* has a positive effect on the muscular system

* regulates the menstrual cycle

* has a powerful detoxification effect on the body

* improves functions of the liver, the lungs and the colon

* improves the digestion process (constipation)

* promotes healthy intestinal flora (protects from carcinogens)

* improves glandular functions

* relieves the symptoms associated with cystitis

* supports wound healing of the skin and of mucous membranes

* lowers high blood pressure (hypertension)

* has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties

* combats fatigue

* fights germs

* deodorizes (eliminates bad breath)

* oxygenates the blood

* regulates our body’s blood sugar level (glycemic control)

* strengthens the circulatory system (replenishing and increasing the red blood cells)

Why not include it into your diet on a daily basis? It’s so invigorating!

It is available in the form of a liquid supplement. You will find it in health food stores. Often, the mix consists of purified water, by-products of alfalfa and copper, but natural mint flavoring is also added for the sake of our taste buds.

Not drinking enough water? Adding a few drops can help increase your daily intake!

Transform that dull glass of water into a refreshing, minty and hydrating glass filled with health benefits! It’s too good to refuse!


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