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  1. 2 mars 2022 / 6:20

    For human and environmental health, the product that the bag comes into contact with and the raw material of the bag must be compatible. If the bag is a food bag, it is necessary to use materials that will not harm human health when it comes into contact with the product. Ziplock bag is one of the most preferred packaged product bags for foods in general. There is a locking system on the ziplock bags so that the product placed in the ziplock bags of various sizes, such as small, medium, large, does not spill. Nuts, dried food, small-grained objects and similar products are suitable for storage in ziplock bags. The bag is usually made of nylon or a nylon mixture. Apart from nylon, there are also cardboard bags and kraft bags. Cardboard bags and kraft bags are produced from paper. Kraft is more resistant to water and other substances, while cardboard has an upright and wrinkle-free structure. bags for packaging products products are suitable for storage and transportation of products such as clothing, cosmetics and accessories.

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