Capture d’écran 2019-05-16 à 13.07.42

Capture d’écran 2019-05-16 à 13.07.42

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  1. 20 mai 2022 / 8:05

    What is a P2P App?
    P2P means peer-to-peer. It is a way of connecting with computer users who share files on their LAN or the Internet. If I, as a P2P user, want to share my directories via FTP, it is extremely simple and I do not have to worry about as much thanks to PeerCast. P2P is also advantageous as it can be used to transfer files at greatly reduced rates, upto as much

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  2. 20 mai 2022 / 8:27

    Any other users that intend to have a good online experience should give it a try, since a seamless operation means that you will not miss a thing. You can download the software from the official source link.

    The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) trend continues to evolve, bringing SDN-based network innovations to the enterprise. SDN (Spanning-Tree-Protocol (STP), OpenFlow, multi-tenancy,…) is making on-prem

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  3. 20 mai 2022 / 8:46

    Hello, dear people! I am glad to introduce you the student activity calendar for the school year 2019. It looks like a very important program for tracking all educational actions, but it can be used for professional development, too.
    First, please consider registering (check official website). You will use the link:
    If you never used the link before it’s possible to register and download the basic version (according to the

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  4. 20 mai 2022 / 9:09

    You can’t really see a drastic difference between this and similar apps. After testing this and seeing little in terms of new features, the main focus seems to be the interface.
    There’s some room for improvement, including proper auto scaling of the interface. If that doesn’t happen, the application may feel unorganized for some users. Right now it feels more like you’re browsing a screen than looking at a handful of photos. Seeing how some apps are getting better day after day is a little bit

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  5. 20 mai 2022 / 12:40

    To turn an image into text,…

    Button-tool Document Generator is a document software that can generate nice looking txt-documents. Template-system with advanced options
    Can use Excel template (work template), OpenOffice template (standard model)
    Documents can be printed (private and…

    Advanced Web Publishing – Generator is a software for generating highly rated, human-readable professional Websites that can be viewed on any device using internet, allowing the user to create their own

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  6. 20 mai 2022 / 1:24

    The developers also offer a $39-a-year web application that offers ad filtering, including e-mail alerts when an ad is shown. There are two levels of filtering: You can tell the lower level to filter out ads only for your own IP address or for all IP addresses. But there are some catches. First, IT Managers using BFilter by default will block the use of Port 80 and 8888, both common Web-related ports. « Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable side

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  7. 20 mai 2022 / 1:50

    This Software Preview Configuration Pack provides a baseline for the Desired Configuration Management (DCM) Configuration Pack derived from the Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) for computers running the DHCP server role available in Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.
    This Microsoft System Center Configuration Pack provides an ideal way, under normal circumstances, to configure this server role according to expert software engineers. Best practice violations, even critical ones, are not necessarily problematic. However, they can produce server configurations that result in poor

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  8. 20 mai 2022 / 2:17

    Advantages of Windows 10 DPI Fix:
    – Works within a few seconds.
    – Doesn’t interfere with any process you are currently working on.
    – Doesn’t install anything and it shouldn’t interfere with any system file or registry.
    – Works on any version of Windows.
    – Can detect and fix the DPI scaling in Windows Vista, 7, and 10.
    If you are concerned that you might have disabled Windows 10 DPI Fix accidentally, and it is timing

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  9. 20 mai 2022 / 2:47

    Encrypt all IETF text-communication services
    Head over to IETF RFC 5958 for the list of common text encipherment algorithms. The most popular among them are base64, SHA1 (the IEEE 802 standard hash), SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512.
    You can use one of the aforementioned tools to perform the task, but if you want to automate it, a Ruby script to do the job is available here.
    Verify if a different message

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  10. 20 mai 2022 / 3:14

    Parallel Port Monitor supports:
    Internet Explorer 5.5+ with a minimum display area of 128×128 pixels
    Internet Explorer 6+ with a minimum display area of 256×256 pixels
    Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP with a minimum display area of 256×256 pixels
    Microsoft Windows NT Workstation with a minimum display area of 256×256 pixels

    To get started, please click here…

    Django REST – How to

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  11. 20 mai 2022 / 3:53

    I understand that the production response for Ameren Energy took a roughly 20% hit in
    the early part of this week. I want to make sure that you are aware of this
    and understand the impact to the monthly production numbers. Please let me
    know if there is anything I can help you with.

    ———————- Forwarded by Robert Herjavec/FGT/Enron on 05/10/2000

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  12. 20 mai 2022 / 4:15

    Furthermore, the developer cooperates with network appliances such as Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Controllers.
    If you’re looking for a piece of PTP-related software that comes with a free trial, then you’re going to find it here. Just remember that it may need to be installed on your system in order to operate properly. If so, grab it via this link. It’s totally free, though.

    LearnTunes is a learning app and also has a music player at the

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  13. 20 mai 2022 / 10:50

    This is a trial version of the product.

    How to get a free trial key:

    *Launch MiTeC Internet History Browser
    *Select the option « Properties… »
    *Set « Allow copying » to « Off »
    *As a file in the Options > Technology > Local Data Files option, create a folder with the name « YC »
    *Save the key to the « YC » folder and confirm

    How to get a free trial key: 05e1106874 alyckell

  14. 21 mai 2022 / 1:05

    Windows 7 behavior enhancements
    The Windows 7 approach to boosting your computer’s speed is different from that of its predecessor. Older versions may feel a bit cumbersome when it comes to date checking and file management, but Win 7 is already pretty fast when it comes to this particular task.
    ASUS Simple Backup
    This is one of ASUS laptops that really stand out because of its simplicity. The tool works like other file backup software with minimal differences, even though it comes with a simple and straightforward GUI that 8cee70152a vermphe

  15. 21 mai 2022 / 1:20

    It helps to detect and visualize ADs in a few ways, but it takes advantage of the limited resources available on older PCs, which could be a hassle for upgraders that use older storage media.Chaotic microwave beam transport and spatial filtering in silica microresonators.
    Using hybrid integration, we fabricate silica Fabry-Perot devices with resonator radii of R=0.34-3.4 μm at the center of the fiber. Microscale 8cee70152a breeorri

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