Living Food

Living Food

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. To me, these are words of wisdom, spoken mindfully by a man who predicted the faith of our present world. A world where epidemics and new diseases are always surfacing and where cancer constantly takes lives. This is why it is particularly important to understand the components of a nutritional diet.

In love with life, I’ve always wanted to know more about nutrition. I slowly adopted new habits until the memorable day where I was inadvertently introduced to rawism (eating raw food), which I prefer referring to as the living food diet. This discovery changed my life forever.

 Keep in mind that food is a source of energy; it is imperative to nourish our bodies carefully. A healthy diet can protect it, strengthen it, and optimize bodily functions in the long-term. It’s like fuelling a vehicle: would you power your car with something that could destroy it?

What is living food? It is the solution for preserving all the nutritious elements present in the food you eat. When cooking fruits and vegetables, you deprive yourself of many vitamins, crucial enzymes and nutritional values in addition to causing an arduous digestive process. The human body will have to work twice as hard, using up more energy and its own enzymes, to digest cooked aliments. This results in fatigue and heaviness because the body is burning more energy than it is gaining.

Food can be classified into four categories:

– Biogenic: generates life (sprouted seeds, spirulina, superfoods…)

 – Bioactive: sustains life (fresh and raw fruits and vegetables…)

 – Biostatic: slows life down, responsible for aging (cooked fruits and vegetables, pasta…)

– Biocidic: depletes life, responsible for devitalization (refined sugar, gluten, pasteurized products…)

The more devitalized products you ingest, the more you increase your odds of becoming ill. Heating kills the natural benefits in organic matter. So how do you expect to survive by eating dead food? Don’t you think it’s quite a funny paradox?

Indeed, this diet is strict, but on all other levels, it could hardly be any better. Imagine making peace with your body and what’s on your plate. one of the main advantages to eating raw is the possibility of enjoying succulent juices, delicious smoothies, colorful salads, and guilt-free deserts in unlimited quantities at any given time. Superfoods are incredible substances that will boost your immune system instead of tiring it. Imagine a satisfying plate of zucchini spaghetti with pesto, a tasty raw chocolate mousse, or crispy kale chips…

 The evidence is already out there. In many places across the globe, there are healing practices based on the raw food diet, like Hippocrates Health Institute. Follow these recommendations and feel the difference! Live in harmony with your body and nurture yourself consciously. This is the answer to going back to our roots.

As I said before, ever since I discovered living food, my life has changed. My senses have increased tenfold, my palate is more discerning, my skin is brighter and clearer, my hair is silkier, my metabolism is more efficient, my mind is more focused, and overall I’m more organized. I feel amazing, and so can you!

Full of love

(Translation by Emilie Marceau-Briggs)

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