Living in Abundance

Living in Abundance

As some of you know, I have a very big love for living food, which we also call Raw Foodism. This way of eating is not only a specific kind of diet, but rather a lifestyle, a delectable way of being conscious of the world, nature, our own body, our mind, creation, beauty, health, invisible, the living… The list would be much longer if I didn’t limit myself, because this way of eating that was completely unknown to me has completely changed my life!

It’s true that when people ask me today if I’m a vegetarian, vegan or if I follow a raw food diet, I don’t feel so comfortable giving them an answer. The idea of having a label stuck to my forehead to categorize me doesn’t really suit me and in my case, I would say that it’s pretty global: I’m not just my job, I don’t necessarily reflect my first name, I don’t like just one thing, my emotions are different, my preferences and choices evolve. In other words, I am change and variety, just as we all are!

So why always try to fit inside a mold when we know how vast the world can be, how huge opportunities can be, how varied the scenery can be and how rich the earth can be?

Don’t you think that by thinking this way, we simply keep ourselves from living? Let’s be clear-headed: there are still big chances that we only know an infinitely small part of what the earth has to offer, and by restraining ourselves this way and reducing ourselves to a checkbox, how will we ever continue learning, discovering, testing, feeling and be exciting by something else?

Do you believe that all our incredible philosophers and wise men limited themselves to what they had been taught to go beyond their hopes and knowledge?

That’s why personally, I don’t classify myself into any category, and I consider myself more like a curious explorer of life and of the living to inhale Mother Nature’s gifts by trusting my instincts and the work of time.

The more time passes, and the more I feel spoiled by life that I can function this way and that I’ve discovered this remarkable practice, which offers me a slew of daily rewards:

*The first and most important reward to me is “ABUNDANCE”.

Because I’m always thirsty for adventure and novelty, I was never satisfied with what the earth could offer me on a golden platter; I always feel like I have what I need at the right moment, because I feel connected to the main essences of life. All I need to do is open my arms and a sensational lot of wonders fall upon me if I’m ready to believe in them.

*The second reward is called “GRATITUDE”.

For a long time, I forgot to give thanks for what I have, but today, I can definitely no longer ignore life’s constant acknowledgments and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.


Every day, I become more and more respectful of myself, of my body, of others, of the environment and of life. More and more, I am capable of empathizing with others to understand and forgive them when they make mistakes.

*The fourth present is “CREATION”.

I’ve never stopped creating, but today, I realize even more of how lucky I am and I try to use it for the right purpose.

*The fifth is the “JOY OF LIVING”.

I’ve always been pretty jovial and lively, but now, there is not much that can cause me to be miserable, in a bad mood, or unpleasant. Life is good, and we owe it to smile, and breathe happiness.

*The sixth point is “BALANCE”.

This way of functioning has taught me to feel balance to be in complete harmony with my convictions, my desires, my needs and my pleasures. Knowing how to control myself and keep in mind that the scales should never tip to one side or the other has brought me peace and satisfaction

*The seventh is “AN OPEN MIND”.

I’ve learned that nothing is fixed, that everything is shifting and that the only thing limiting our spirit is us, and our own fears. Obviously, there are still many proofs and satisfactions that I’ve received since adhering to this lifestyle, but once again, the list is very long, and the result is different for each person.

I’d like to end this article with a comparison that calls out to me!

I think of our bodies as having the same role as a car, both having the same function, which is to drive us from point A to point B. Both of these means of transport need fuel, and if you give your vehicle the wrong one, you’ll sometimes move forward very slowly or even backwards, and inevitably clog up the system until it eventually leads to its destruction.

So that’s why raw foodism has changed my life in its entirety! I suddenly decided to change types of fuel and today, I am driving at full speed, without stress or little aches and pains, with consciousness, a clear mind, concentration, and improving both the physical and divine aspects of my being. So take the risk of changing your habits and trying the unimaginable and unthinkable despite its colour, texture or message…

Only idiots never change! 😉


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