My 30 Master Keys of Happiness

My 30 Master Keys of Happiness

I’m often told that I look really happy, that I’m always in a good mood and that my energy is always overflowing with vitality.

It’s true that I feel that life has been good to me, and because of this, I try to live my life to the fullest, and especially with both feet grounded in the present moment in order to not missing anything. I wanted to share a small list of things that help me to keep a smile on my face even when the going gets tough!

1: Eating as much raw food as possible: loads of fruits and veggies in abundance, without restraint.

2: Sleeping enough, at the right time, and getting a deep rest.

3: Being physically active every day by doing different activities: yoga, walking, swimming, weights.

4: Always staying hydrated! It’s important to drink a lot of water, constantly.

5: Trying to go outside every day to take in some sun, some fresh air, and benefit from the power of nature.

6: Meditating at least 10 minutes every day, and clearing your head completely. Don’t think of anything, and breathe deeply.

7: Thinking of how lucky you are every day, and being grateful! Be thankful for being alive, of having the chance to experience meaningless things, to meet people, to encounter smiles and actions. We never say “thank you” enough, and the same goes for “I love you”.

8: Moving away from the TV, the telephone and social media as often as possible.

9: Not hesitating to say “NO” to requests, activities, or meetings if you are not interested.

10: Listening to your heart and trusting it to make decisions, make choices and feel guided.

11: Surrounding yourself with inspiring, positive people by eliminating people who pollute your space, are negative, or suck your energy.

12: Keeping your hope alive by believing in your dreams, your potential and nature’s intelligence.

13: Focusing on every task you want to accomplish 100% in order to complete it without wasting any time.

14: Not hesitating to spend some time alone getting to know yourself, understanding yourself, discovering yourself, and taking time to recover (on the contrary!).

15: NEVER hurting others (humans, animals).

16: Getting rid of your fears! Confront them, integrate them, get over them and transform them. “Fear does not avoid danger!”

17: Being balanced! In other words, try to never do to “much” or “not enough”. It’s important to find a balance in all our desires and needs: food, outings, fun.

18: Being disciplined: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

19: Helping others without expecting anything in return, just for the pleasure of giving and sharing.

20: Accepting change and not giving into routine by accepting to leave your comfort zone.

21: Finding a job that you like.

22: Giving yourself goals, challenges and push yourself.

23: Keeping a learning mindset, and being receptive to wisdom: read, stay informed, be curious and don’t stay stuck on one fixed point of view.

24: Not wasting time with anything superficial or superfluous.

25: Being creative and ready to use your imagination, tap into your emotions and use your talents.

26: Keeping a child’s heart and staying in the present moment. Be contemplative, be filled with wonderment.

27: Not making judgments.

28: Never saying “NEVER”.

29: Avoiding procrastination.




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