Calendrier de l’avant echovivant

Calendrier de l'avant echovivant

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  1. 20 mai 2022 / 8:14

    However, security-conscious PC users will most certainly benefit from this tool

    Even if you are not an avid gamer, a smartphone can be a powerful tool for you to enjoy real-time gameplay and action.
    If you are interested in gaming a ton, or if you just want to up your experience, we’ve listed a few apps that you can get from Google Play store.
    Bonzodroid is a free Android Launcher which includes an app folder and loads

    6add127376 whoiola

  2. 20 mai 2022 / 8:35

    This is a very, very basic application. The main idea was simplicity. Simplicity is a computer science term meaning to keep the code as simple as possible. In this case, it is VB.NET code.
    The application has some functionality not fully developed and not fully designed, such as logging tool, etc. I work with VB.NET at the moment and will finish the missing part in the next few months. The support for VB.NET will come with next updates

    6add127376 danydem

  3. 20 mai 2022 / 8:53

    As already mentioned, it has no interface, but the developer has decided to leave this option as a gesture of good will, so that people can use it as a third-party tool. Having this option may be of some use to you, depending on how much time you are willing to invest in modifying and tweaking settings in the Registry Editor.
    Having said that, the program costs only $3.99, so it cannot be that bad. In fact, it provides you with a very convenient

    6add127376 mismac

  4. 20 mai 2022 / 9:16

    Here is a download link


    It is basic functionality.
    Letting the user add as many entries as they want.
    It comes with system sounds. When the user pastes an entry, it plays a nice sound.
    Depending on the user’s permissions, others can see what’s in the clipboard.
    When a user clicks an entry, they will be brought to a window

    6add127376 ysybteis

  5. 20 mai 2022 / 9:16

    Here is a download link


    It is basic functionality.
    Letting the user add as many entries as they want.
    It comes with system sounds. When the user pastes an entry, it plays a nice sound.
    Depending on the user’s permissions, others can see what’s in the clipboard.
    When a user clicks an entry, they will be brought to a window

    6add127376 ysybteis

  6. 20 mai 2022 / 9:32

    and is available for:_
    _$1.50 _
    _Each background is about 524kb, making them some of the biggest backgrounds we have_
    _find. Enjoy!_
    -Artist’s comments
    ** Creative Theme 26 is stock theme designed by the artist for Freestocks.

    6add127376 linehath

  7. 20 mai 2022 / 9:48

    LingvoSoft Suite 2009 German – English is a useful software solution that helps you learn a new language easily, you can look up words in the dictionary, take quizzes, create flashcards and check out the phrasebook.
    Sleek and clean user interface
    The application takes almost no time to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many neat tools at

    6add127376 gipsaret

  8. 20 mai 2022 / 11:38

    Until someone comes up with a better idea, this is surely a very valuable tool for users.
    Related PostsUnderstanding and treating Parkinsonism.
    Parkinsonism is one of the most debilitating nonmotor symptoms associated with neurodegenerative parkinsonian disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, and dementia with Lewy bodies. This article highlights (1) ongoing neurological investigation about the burden

    6add127376 demsup

  9. 20 mai 2022 / 12:05

    The program is accessible and clean, with a relatively smooth GUI. New users will feel comfortable with these ease-of-use characteristics.

    Portable edition is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.


    notebook is one of the windows 10 built-in apps. If you look at the screenshot below, you can see some of its features. I recently got a win10 laptop and I found something like that

    6add127376 quensmil

  10. 20 mai 2022 / 12:27

    Easy-PDF to PDF Converter is a professional PDF converter, allowing you to convert PDF to other format. It can help you convert PDF files to popular formats, such as TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, EMF, GIF, TIFF and many others.
    Easy-PDF to PDF Converter is easy and efficient, featuring an easy-to-use user interface, intuitive operation and powerful functions for converting PDF to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, HTML

    6add127376 bellsusa

  11. 20 mai 2022 / 12:47

    We found no glaring problems like software incompatibility or issues such as weird effects that would result from an obsolete or badly configured setup.
    However, the interface can be quite complex for the sake of beginners, and a built-in color picker is definitely required. Furthermore, some options seem to be missing or the sliders don’t allow much zooming and control.
    You can take advantage of the new ray effect, but some tweaks should prove to be more successful due to the lack of easy

    6add127376 lavraff

  12. 20 mai 2022 / 1:34

    It’s a program not only useful when you are serving others, but also when you need to share files with other people at once. For instance, if you’re downloading a file and the connection ends for whatever reason, you can simply share more than one file to several different contacts.
    Orzeszek Transfer is an excellent alternative for sharing files directly from your computer to others over the Internet. It can allow you to share several different files at once, use an extremely convenient interface

    6add127376 bambtaff

  13. 20 mai 2022 / 2:00

    To summarize, all you need to do is

    Click on the Start button, type remote desktop connection, and select the Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC.exe) application

    Double-click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon

    Once installed, click on the Main Menu icon (→ Taskbar)

    Click on Edit, then Preferences, and then Network

    To be able to use the other computer, click on the SOCKS proxy settings, and use the settings you

    6add127376 pheraqu

  14. 20 mai 2022 / 2:29

    As one of the main selling points, the software boasts a straightforward interface with controls that will prove to be a bit more ‘in your face’ than the usual network analysis utilities available.
    Cons: The lack of a notification facility and the inability of displaying all the DNS names on the map can be a drawback. These two features would be nice additions.

    the map of the network on the client is very good, but then the need of a confirmation in case a dialog box is opened,

    6add127376 karrbib

  15. 20 mai 2022 / 3:00

    You can use this program for lots of tasks, like tiling in Photoshop, in creating videos, animations, or GIFs, it is compatible with almost every version of Windows.


    External links
    Spiraling, Based on Spidrons technology
    Spiraler at

    Category:Software that uses Java (programming language)
    Category:Tiling softwareThe objectives of this proposal are to: develop the candidate’s skills in leading a large

    6add127376 cheari

  16. 20 mai 2022 / 3:21

    Program Features:
    · Powerful features like
    · Detailed help screen
    · Easy start wizard to help you quickly
    · Easily add/replace separator in file
    · Adjustable time delay
    · Support system tray notificationStudies of the validity of the patient self-report of first-time myocardial infarction onset.
    To assess the accuracy of self-report of first-time myocardial infarction (MI) onset by people interviewed at a

    6add127376 nandree

  17. 20 mai 2022 / 3:42

    However, more than that it is worth mentioning that it should do so providing an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Very important aspects that any businessman or a single individual will certainly appreciate without the need for any previous training in this realm.

    What Files do I get?
    Open Source

    What’s in the box?
    X-LibreOffice configuration file.
    Set of icons and wallpapers.
    This app is not supported

    6add127376 chermari

  18. 20 mai 2022 / 4:00

    Pros Overall a good utility, just a bit disappointing on some aspects.

    Your computer’s registry might contain a collection of various files which contain technical settings for your current computer’s operation. Because of this, you cannot run your computer without your registry file containing these settings. As a result, you need to open and make changes to a registry file but, if you are not aware of the appropriate way to do this, you may end up with some file errors.
    Your computer registry corrupt

    6add127376 vaniraf

  19. 20 mai 2022 / 4:25

    Options like renaming on a single-click basis or the log mode brings up a fully customizable search and replace facility that can take a couple of rounds to work, whilst also allowing you to perform different operations on different processing rounds. The ability to send the output via email, create a text file, or to log it to a file all allows you to achieve file processing in batches all using the same routine.
    Apart from being a program that enables file renaming with a batch script

    6add127376 latpet

  20. 20 mai 2022 / 10:45

    Have fun organizing your life
    Overall it’s a neat application that comes with a lot of options, features and modules that provide you with all sort of convenience and allow you to work smarter. It’s easy to use and create notes, folders, organize your files and create tasks. You can also read, create notes, manage contacts, documents and check the time. All the information is readily available in a simple interface. You have access to a lot of time-saving apps, some pre- 05e1106874 fayail

  21. 20 mai 2022 / 11:15

    A golden bullet which consisted of one bullet dead ahead (the lead) and a dozen of bullets strewn across the ground (shot in flight). As this motion reached a peak the bullets entangled and bound together in a carbon rainbow, ripping through the metal and splitting into a thousand droplets.
    The droplets dove into the wind and spiraled toward the Earth where they reached, tagging along the ground as flames. The flame-shoot, now an entangled motion, engulfed the cockpit causing the 05e1106874 elsfinl

  22. 20 mai 2022 / 11:45

    GridinSoft Notepad LITE version 3.23

    Dropbox Addons
    Dropbox is one of the most extensively used cloud storage applications out there.
    This addon brings you more than 500 extra features to use with Dropbox and allows you to put files into Dropbox through Drag & Drop on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    You can use the Dropbox Addons like this:
    1. Login to Dropbox by clicking on the Dropbox logo in the system tray.
    2. Once you 05e1106874 ferbind

  23. 21 mai 2022 / 1:14

    Quality control of penile prostheses: early results after initial implantation.
    The effectiveness of penile prostheses has been evaluated by comparing pre- and postoperative potency, size, and complications of retained prostheses. Twenty-four implantations from 1984 to 1986 were evaluated. Indication for implantation is discussed. Mean age was 64.5 years. Mean preoperative ICPPS score was 9.1. Mean follow-up was 32.3 months. A testicular carcinoma 8cee70152a tamcaec

  24. 3 juin 2022 / 4:57

    If you have any doubts about our commentary, you can freely try the application out and do as much as you like.

    Product Name: Default Accounts Picture Changer for Windows 8
    Developer: ACist

    About Default Accounts Picture Changer for Windows 8

    Default Accounts Picture Changer for Windows 8 is a small standalone application that allows you to easily change the guest and user’s default account picture without backing up or downloading any additional software.

    Start a free trial and
    99d5d0dfd0 antojarr

  25. 3 juin 2022 / 11:24

    – « Post silence duration » is the time duration between the end of a tone and the start of the next following tone. It’s measured in seconds.
    Forward delay: [0 – 10 seconds, default 0]
    Reverse delay: [0 – 10 seconds, default 0]
    Predelay: [0 – 3 seconds, default 0.2]
    Delay before first tone: [0 – 3 seconds, default 0.2] – Buffer the repetitive ring before the first tone for a delay this long.
    Delay between tones: [0 – 1 second, default 0.025]
    Delay between
    66cf4387b8 harrenn

  26. 4 juin 2022 / 12:26

    Blaze Statistics will reduce the time you spend analyzing data and make it easier for you to work more effectively.

    Note: If you check (Reset statistics) your data, the statistics will be reset after the current analysis is finished.

    * To show the actual values selected you have to select « show values » (or change view to « bar values »). By default, « show values » is turned off.

    What’s new – Version 1.5: New features
    66cf4387b8 zevaard

  27. 4 juin 2022 / 2:31

    Nevertheless, it is easy to use and work smoothly on low requirements.

    MP3 AAC Factory works in similar fashion. Additionally, it offers user-friendly interface and a decent number of more advanced features like Embedded Players, an extensive playlist support, License manager, video conversion, download linking, and additional tools as well.
    The program supports almost all web browsers and can be configured to work with multiple file types.
    The MP3 video converter in MP3 AAC Factory is able to convert
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  28. 4 juin 2022 / 3:34

    The manual has been updated with manual/video tutorials and friendly screenshots. We have also included a good number of video tutorials for HS WinPerfect – an integral part of the manual.


    HS WinPerfect

    New versions of BlueKeep, Run Time Memory Debugger and File System Tune-up Fix-It are available

    HS WinPerfect is a powerful system recovery software that can fix your computer quickly. It
    66cf4387b8 gaspappo

  29. 4 juin 2022 / 4:39

    ■ Compress executables, archives, « stub » documents, Microsoft Access.mdf databases, etc., whenever you like. Ideal for home-users doing development or for automating tedious file compression tasks.
    ■ Compress files without having to shut down IIS and the ASP script. Ideal for enterprises without a dedicated « file server ».
    ■ Allow customers to collect multiple collection files in one single action. Ideal for more rapid consolidation.
    66cf4387b8 faltame

  30. 4 juin 2022 / 6:37

    Music playback is as simple as it can be with Sootheech SnowDark. The application is quite literally a music player, and that’s exactly what it does.
    You can browse your collection in a simple way and play it one song at a time.
    Focus on tracks
    The thing is that you can set up layers containing different tracks of music. With 6 open layers, you can have 6 separate playlist lists.
    You can name and categorize them as you
    66cf4387b8 cathgan

  31. 4 juin 2022 / 7:38

    With F-Ace Facebook chat is as simple as on…

    F-Ace has a database of user’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts. With it’s very simple interface, it puts all of the Facebook information together for you. It also shows the timeline of your Facebook…

    The F-ACE application makes accessing your Facebook and twitter account a breeze.
    It has never been so convenient to chat with your friends, add
    66cf4387b8 caliors

  32. 5 juin 2022 / 2:55

    by Ian Lancaster @lancasterian, Feb 9, 2017

    Over the last decade or so, creativity has become synonymous with Artificial Intelligence. As the aesthetic of the 1960s also became androgynous, poseable robots and Siri were both in vogue.

    The style of easy-to-use AI has especially flourished in Europe, with startups like the Dutch startup Kindred and German companies such as the UK company Devel, Eurexis, and Touchdesign
    ec5d62056f renanea

  33. 5 juin 2022 / 3:22

    Last, but not least, the backup function can be improved by creating smaller and larger images that you can specifically back up regardless of the size of your disk, as well as copying the partitions as RAW images or disk images.
    If you are a regular user, who works with the local or the virtual drives, you can trust this app in helping you create a detailed backup and formatting tools, manage files and recover them.
    Visit the official page:
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  34. 5 juin 2022 / 3:50

    Are you looking to trade an old console, borrow a game, or invest in something new? Xbox Game Pass has you covered. From November 6–12, the service is offering a free one-month trial of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for Xbox One through the Xbox Live mobile app.
    Basically, the plan gives you access to a library of more than 100 games, with three games added to the collection each month.
    Once you’ve used up your trial, which
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  35. 5 juin 2022 / 4:17

    ■ there is no time limit on user traffic during trial version;
    ■ has limited logging path (should be fine for most cases unless you have a very large monitoring or controlling network);
    ■ limited program options available within the program (client and server versions).
    Internet (Broadband)
    Printer (PostScript)
    Circular buffer
    XML Parser
    COM Port
    Serial Port
    ec5d62056f danben

  36. 5 juin 2022 / 4:45

    And if you don’t have much time to be spending on the app right now, the fact that you can restart it and come back to it later whenever you think of it is a very handy feature.
    As for the price: Email Password Recovery Pro is a free application, and it’s 100 percent ad-free. It’s also free to update, and it’s got no viruses.
    Overall, Email Password Recovery Pro is a neat password recovery utility for Windows and Windows users. Its
    ec5d62056f akeiolab

  37. 5 juin 2022 / 5:14

    UKS Virtual Drive eliminates these problems with all involved folders and creates a virtual volume from the same folder in Windows. This approach makes the real folder visible from Windows Explorer and maps it to the virtual drive.
    Some more advantages of UKS Virtual Drive
    UKS Virtual Drive is a simple to use program, designed to effectively perform the process of creating virtual drives on your computer. The application is lightweight in terms of CPU usage and RAM usage, and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and
    ec5d62056f andjays

  38. 5 juin 2022 / 5:41

    Religious TextViewer

    Aron Kober’s Religious TextViewer is a program designed to allow users to study the Aramaic and Greek versions of the New Testament. This is not normally possible as the flow of reading from the Masoretic Text is lost in the Latin Vulgate and Early modern English translations. The fact that these versions of the Bible are numerous, presents a problem for the growing number of users who do not have access to the original text.
    ec5d62056f paigdar

  39. 5 juin 2022 / 6:40

    You should also check out the study app, which is a companion screen application that helps you study and test with an augmented reality tutor. The app has a mysterious tutor called Professor Rene, who takes you through biology, zoology, chemistry, and much more. The app goes great if you like studying study subjects to pass exams, but you can also use the app to liven things up during training sessions.
    The SAT Tutor is a helper that lets you check your answers with the
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  40. 5 juin 2022 / 7:39

    It checks your code is free from compile time errors and can output helpful messages indicating where the problems are.

    What is the best image converter for ubuntu?

    Ubuntu comes with a built-in JPEG converter, called Image Converter, pre-installed. With it you can quickly convert photos to JPG, PNG, GIF etc. It is bundled with Ubuntu, so you do not have to download and install it. Click and drag a photo or select a directory containing photos to
    ec5d62056f jarcate

  41. 5 juin 2022 / 8:08


    I haven’t found any other software that does, although that’s not a requirement. I have a friend who’s a teacher and she uses it to send out reminders to each child in her class. She does a weekly review with the whole class and they have multiple assignments for the week so she uses the reminder for each to remind them that they have to get them done.

    Jose Andres restaurants in the Bay Area won’t have to comply with the Fair Wage
    ec5d62056f syrnic

  42. 5 juin 2022 / 8:37

    Mango Chat is a chat application. i get the data from the database and it shows on the page. there is gui that i can add and delete messages. i have the controller which handle the events and database connection. it works good but i think it needs better features like emoticon, message retyping or sending through sms etc.

    I use PHP with MySQL for my websites. I have a page that I want to control full-screen when users click them. I am trying to do this with JQuery and CSS3.

    I have a menu that I wish to use as a key to
    ec5d62056f elmlavy

  43. 5 juin 2022 / 9:08

    Furthermore, the interface seems a bit complicated at first, but it comes with a definite improvement over other alternative apps.
    Eliminate the need for third-party apps by creating a working bootable USB drive using LinuxQ:

    SQL Server: keeping a dataset in sync with all servers in an Azure environment

    I wanted to run a small experiment using Azure and SQL Server, where a solution is deployed to Azure, and fully synchronized to all servers in a specific Azure environment.
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  44. 5 juin 2022 / 9:28

    When you open a text file that contains names and phone numbers, a person could give you someone’s contact info if he’s willing to give you his contact info, but there’s a lot of the time it’s just a dead end.
    A file that has a lot of missing information or extra information is an incomplete or misleading file.
    If your phone number is displayed in the wrong column, it can
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  45. 5 juin 2022 / 9:56

    Download Driver Magician Lite for Free.2) i have a set custom rings … unfortunately, i have no idea if the back holes are centered the same as the fronts (b/c it has some internal organizing) it is a winged set … if you see rings set in another ring center [hole] (ie another center ring, 2 holes up) … please name the rings, a/c w/o pics

    I’m sorry I missed this post so late
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  46. 5 juin 2022 / 10:28

    All in all, you can use Thunder Mailer for promoting a new service, by sending promotional letters or other types of emails to selected recipients. You can also use it for entertainment purposes, to send frequent updates for your social accounts. This email client provides all the tools you need to create catchy offers and distribute them in bulk.
    Program Features:
    • Free email sender software
    • Wide template list, that includes various categories
    • Good for marketing services and personal use
    • Easy to
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  47. 5 juin 2022 / 10:59

    Auto Lock can be downloaded from EDGEcode’s website for free, without any adware or spyware bundled in the package.
    Download Auto LockDenise Kudo

    Denise Laveau-Kudo (born 10 September 1977) is a French pole vaulter. She holds the French national record in the pole vault at 5.40 metres, set in Paris on 15 August 1999 and improved her mark to 5.48 metres on 28 August 2006. She is a
    ec5d62056f karhen

  48. 5 juin 2022 / 11:55

    Blank Theme

    It is no secret that a well-designed poster is an attention-grabbing tool to win potential customers. An attractive poster that displays an informative message can turn a potential audience into customers.
    A simple and clean poster design can help to make an impact.
    For many companies, such as event and educational institutions, one of the most effective tools to communicate messages and generate conversation is a poster.
    Designing a poster for an event or product launch is critical
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  49. 5 juin 2022 / 12:56

    This way, you will be certain to see if the person is deviating from the agreed-upon standard when using the PC, and you can also catch any fraudulent activity from your system.
    On top of all that, Windows Basic Activity Log offers the option to automatically keep track of the PC’s performances on a monthly basis.
    This option is convenient if you are interested in learning the users’ activities by seeing to what point the system has been used.
    The ‘
    ec5d62056f chercel

  50. 5 juin 2022 / 1:56

    However, there is one major drawback that users should remember to solve – the default size of the windows is too big and needs to be re-sized in order to fit the window to the edge of the monitor. On the other hand, it is an easy tool to use and the price is very low, which works out to be a fair trade-off.

    Latest downloads from London Time Clock

    Windows 7 Disk Cleaning Tool – it will erase registry items, recycle bin, empty
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  51. 5 juin 2022 / 4:18

    The program is freely available for both Windows and Mac OS, and can be downloaded here.

    It’s the app you install for copying files. Initially, it was lacking a Windows version, but BetterZip is proud to present you this dedicated application. In the end, the application makes the job somewhat easy even for a beginner. For instance, what if you want to create a copy of folder structure without having any knowledge whatsoever.

    When it comes to content, you can
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  52. 8 juin 2022 / 3:03

    You can easily find the desired word in the content or title and narrow the search. FindfileX does, however, bring to light the fact that the scope of functions offered by the software is rather limited, which somewhat diminish the value of the product.
    Closing words
    FindfileX is a free utility that can greatly benefit you if you often need to find certain files on your computer. It is intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, you can execute a simple query that can be quite
    50e0806aeb hennai

  53. 8 juin 2022 / 3:32

    iStreamer was the very first media streaming client. It is designed for streaming using peer-to-peer and P2P methods and utilizes the « HTTP multicasting ». It also is a desktop client for both 32bit and 64bit OS clients to stream using your webcam or television set. iStreamer can stream to a Flash Video player window directly on your computer screen. iStreamer is also capable of streaming and recording audio and video files. iStreamer can stream audio files as MP3,
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  54. 8 juin 2022 / 4:02

    The use of the “CSV data to insert” field is optional. Perhaps a better solution would be to import the.CSV file into a table of yours in MySQL.
    Here’s a detailed description of the file types supported by SQL Wizard.
    .CSV Type Files
    1. “CSV Bulk Load” – This file type is used to import.CSV files and all the data imported from.CSV files. The.CSV bulk load
    50e0806aeb gillchau

  55. 8 juin 2022 / 4:34

    The app runs smoothly and provides you with the features that you expect from a safety and security oriented tool.
    Overall, the program provides all the main and the most important functions that you would expect from a solution of this type. The interface is simple and lets you get to work.

    The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Once you get past the initial data entry process, which introduces a few minor issues, the application works just as you would expect.
    The Online Key and Sign
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  56. 8 juin 2022 / 5:07


    Stability Issues
    Most of the issues were related to updating and random crashing. But they didn’t affect the functionality of the application at all.

    Performance Issues
    Thread Crashing

    File security issues

    Speed related issues

    Safety Issues

    Security Issues

    Portability Issues

    Data Loss


    strange, I couldn’t get the app working (and couldn’t get
    50e0806aeb tanequyt

  57. 8 juin 2022 / 5:38

    Tags: image mining

    You are here:

    CM Megapixel Meter Vs. Rico Fotometer An image can be known as the single most powerful tool ever built. The evolution of photography over the last two hundred years has been nothing short of amazing. The entire photographic world underwent a revolution thanks to what its format could bring to us! But actually, the image has been in the center of any technological advancement, and without it we would have no idea how to really work with
    50e0806aeb phildami

  58. 8 juin 2022 / 6:10

    The app is available for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit systems. It does not require any installation and it is compatible with the IE6-9 browsers.
    Download Hide Unhide
    Also make sure to find a few more of our recent software reviews within this site.Q:

    What can you do to prevent ray tracing where you have no shadow?

    In ray tracing, distance from light source to pixel is scaled by view vector. In non-shadow situations
    50e0806aeb dalygia

  59. 8 juin 2022 / 6:42

    Finally, GICS has also a built-in scripting language called GICSScript that allows developers to use many 3rd-party libraries like Qt or others to easily create complex instruments or gadgets.


    References forGILSEND NOTES

    Category:Software frameworksAt a Thursday evening press conference, Covington Catholic High School fired its head football coach, after a video surfaced showing a Native American elder accosting a group of young
    50e0806aeb hallean

  60. 8 juin 2022 / 7:13

    This is a module that allows you to add sound effects to the page title, not long url preview, rich snippet (determined by the extension algorithm), fb/fbXLML link and button content.

    This extension opens a new tab and link to sitelinkv2 website, automatically fills the sitelink. You can open the voice share dialog for sharing, and can share it to your social media, email, etc.
    Extension last update: 2011-
    50e0806aeb makeli