What Is Love?

What Is Love?

We constantly talk about love, using the term in any which way regardless of the situation. It’s come to a point where without even realizing it, we’ve lost all sense of truth and depth with this word and feeling. However, we should all be able to see, understand and admit that the word has an incomparable power, that its role is a major one and that its potential is unique.

Love is certainly the most noble feeling, and especially, the one that is capable of the most wonders and the most amazing miracles.

Love is by far the only reason we need to live, that makes our hearts beat in all the ways possible and that gives us the huge urge to cooperate with this life, with this physical world in which we are currently living and this invisible empire with which we also live.

Love can upset us, turn us upside down, make us feel compassion, make us feel empathy, make us drunk, overwhelm us. It helps us be satisfied, comforts us, makes us smile, even makes us laugh or cry. It allows us to breathe, help others, move forward, completely let go, always believe more, not give up and even pushes us to cooperate with the unknown.

Love is the richest and most complete of treasures, but to experience it, one must first be able to understand it in order to respect it as one should, and finally integrate it and cherish it with all one’s might.

Unfortunately, we cannot deny that the word “love” has been completely tarnished with time and has lost all its true functions and values, which originally were basically to bring us together, and help us move forward, while keeping us united.

So what is love today?

Is it exchanging intimacy because we feel too alone? Is it loving by controlling the other person and being jealous and abusive? Is it giving love by limiting? Is it giving something to get something in return? Is it trying to live through someone else? Is it constantly seeking attention? Is it fighting against loneliness? Is it filling voids through a presence? Is it asking over and over for justifications? Is it losing one’s true identity in the eyes of someone or other? Is it wanting to possess what one cannot?

How do we really consider love today, in a society that pretends not to know that we all have a heart inside us and a wonderful inner world to explore and cross in order to evolve? How do we experience love nowadays in a world in only appearances and materialistic objects are important?

Personally, I’ve always considered love to be way to big and important to deserve pettiness and pseudo-comfort in the way too many people end up falling prey to.

Don’t you think we should all be able to overcome our fears and unease before looking to someone else to find this balance, which is necessary and vital? We cannot continuously ask others to satisfy needs that we alone can fill! We can’t constantly throw stones at others or to the outside world and believe that the solution or solutions can be found elsewhere.

To me, the only and true love that is important to experience is unconditional love!

This love is the only one that can allow us to reunite with our own inner being, but also positively and humanly promote all kinds of connections with different external elements that we encounter throughout our lives.

This type of love is the only one able to transcend us and push us to give without ever expecting anything in return. It’s a love deeply rooted in the heart that stimulates us in the present and in every moment that life offers us.

Unconditional love is the only love we should fully experience, because it’s the only one that is healthy on all fronts.

It is completely balanced because it is authentic, fun, sincere and entirely respectful…

Of course, this type of love requires work every day and every minute, because the society in which we have evolved and the education we have been given mostly goes against this luminous path.

Wanting to experience this way of loving is letting light into one’s life, and choosing to be happy regardless of the situation. It’s learning to constantly become better and more altruistic; it’s abandoning fear, moving away from possession, detachment, needing to belong…

Loving unconditionally is moving further and further away from judgement; it’s accepting differences, considering the micro, macro, physical and invisible on the same level. It’s never imposing anything, not limiting oneself, not feeling guilty, not blackmailing, not waiting to be considered and especially, never dominating regardless of the status that someone has given you or that you’ve given yourself.

It can be difficult to imagine being able to love this way, and I’m not saying that it’s always an easy path that is without obstacles; but what I am sure and entirely convinced of is that wanting and trying to experience this deep love in one’s life and one’s daily existence means changing one’s life forever by embracing beauty, joie de vivre and positivity.


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